Without Them We Don’t Exist


Yesterday (Saturday, April 8) I offered to cover for a ROC Central staff member on vacation.  My normal days are spent in meetings, working thru financials, planning events, creating action plans for various sub-committees, writing grants, fundraising, collaborating with other service providers, and the list goes on.  But yesterday I took time to slow down and experience a full day at ROC Central.


The one employee on duty (I don’t count myself) was there to welcome and service over 75 visitors at ROC Central.  Overwhelming, except for one very important factor… there were 6 volunteers helping out throughout the day.  They were there to welcome, assist, talk, feed, love, help, pray for, and laugh with our clients.  I continue to be amazed by our community of giving hearts.  Yesterday I was blessed to see once again.  


Without our dedicated volunteers, our clients would miss so much… including HOPE.  



Without our volunteers the ROC would not exist.    

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