Shelter Season is Over


This season’s emergency shelters close

Over the last decade Bethel UMC (Men’s Warming Shelter) and Salvation Army Rock Hill (Women’s Warming Shelter) have graciously opened their facilities for the winter season to give our homeless citizens a place to sleep during the cold months.  This has been a blessing for our community and for our men and women without any shelter options.  But once again, due to the lack of resources and available year-round locations, our two emergency shelters will be closing at the end of the winter season (this month).


As you know, one of the ROC services offered is a Day Shelter; a place where our homeless can go during the day to get out of the elements, find friends, prayer, encouragement and help in moving their lives forward.  Unfortunately, over the next month it’s also a place they will go for a sleeping bag, a pillow, and a sleeping mat, many soon to be living on the streets.


There have been many efforts to provide year-round emergency shelters in our county, but they have come up short despite tireless attempts.


The ROC, Bethel UM Church, Salvation Army, and all the agencies in CACH (Catawba Area Coalition for the Homeless) ask for your prayers that God will show us the way to secure a warm and safe place for our homeless population 365 days a year.  Your prayers will lead us to our community answer.  Please join us now.  




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