Blessings Are Forever



Every weekend I try to find a few hours to reflect on happenings, people and events from the past week, month, or year.  Blessings that sometimes escape my appreciation if not recounted in these moments of thought.  This weekend my mind, heart and prayers kept finding their way to a dear friend of so many of us.  Mickey Beckham, a fixture in this neck of the woods for 80 years, who passed away in December.  If you knew Mickey, and many of you did, you saw him as a passionate man, an undying believer, an author, a dedicated family man, and a tireless fundraiser.  He taught the ROC so much in one short year and we will never forget his lessons.  He was a blessing to this community, to the ROC, and to me. 


As I visited Mickey in the hospital the night before he passed, he was unable to talk.  He had however already communicated with his wife Betty that there were several ROC items that I needed to take care of over the next few days.  As Betty explained the details to me, Mickey’s eyes said it all.  He was relentless in his commitment to life, his job, his responsibilities.  It was always more about his service to help others than it was about himself.  That was never more evident than in those last hours with Mickey.


The Lord puts people in our lives as blessings, never to be forgotten.  This weekend my prayers go out to Mickey in thanksgiving.  His blessings will stay with me forever. 

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