HIS Bottom Line


As Executive Director of the ROC, every year it’s my responsibility to put together our Business Plan. What is this year’s focus, and what are the ROC strategies, tactics, targets, and costs to make it all happen?  In some cases, non-profits are no different than profit businesses.  P&Ls, balance sheets, budgets… most of you know the drill.  But there’s ONE BIG difference.  With GOD as our CEO, we will always have positive year end results.  That’s how He works.


This January ROC Central welcomed over 2,500 visits from our neighbors in need.  That’s 70% more than the numbers in January 2017.  That means 70% more food is needed, more dollars for client utilities, heat, clothing, transportation… everything!  The Lord has called the ROC to attend to these growing needs.  He doesn’t always tell us exactly what to put in a business plan, but if we believe and trust in Him, He will show the way. 


Yes, a Business Plan is always helpful, but daily pray, asking for GOD’s guidance and blessings will lead to HIS plan…. And that’s HIS bottom line.



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