This Seattle trip will be Different

June 19, 2017


It’s 12:10AM, June14, and I’m on a flight to Seattle to visit with family for the first time in far too long.  As one of eight from the baby boomer generation, the number of McKagan descendants is now mind boggling.  Somewhere around 80!  My wife Beth and I are excited to finally meet our great grandson Kyle.  Daughter Heather, son Bryan and several brother and sisters have the entire week mapped out, including a Mariners baseball game, a high school graduation of our grandson, a Father’s Day shindig, a recording session with over 7 family musicians (amazing talent), a Sunday service at Assumption church (where I spent my early years), and a few surprises, I’m sure! 


It’s 12:20… only two more hours ‘til we land.  We’re almost there!


It is incredible how much my life has truly changed over these past 5 years.  My faith, my beliefs, my passion to serve.  The ROC has renewed my life.  It has given me purpose, with the Lord leading the way. 


This visit to Seattle will be different… very different.  My family will hear the voice of a man at peace, a father filled with the spirit, a brother with a calling to help those in need, a papa with a reborn zest for life. 


I have always been the life of the party… and no one knows that more than my family…  but now there’s something more.  It’s time to share my testimony with my family.  They already sense that something special has taken place in me.  Now they will hear the story that God has been grooming me to tell for over 6 decades.


The ROC changes lives.  I should know.  It’s changed mine. 


It’s 12:40 and I’m ready. 

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