The ROC as a 501c(3) faith-based organization permanently closed as of 5 pm on Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2019. Clients will still have access to day shelter in the Pathways Community Center.

Oct. 25, 2019

Dear Friends, Donors and Supporters,              


It was with a heavy heart and tears the ROC Board of Directors made the decision to shut down operations this week. Your support over the last 8 years has been greatly appreciated and it was a blessing to do God’s work in serving the Homeless and poor. Together we gave the Homeless and others hope, dignity, shelter, clothing, food, training and spiritual support.

In the eight years of supporting the Homeless population in York County, we had approximately 214,000 visitations to the ROC by clients seeking help. Your dollars and time made this possible along with staff and an incredible group of 35 volunteers. We will forever be thankful to them.

Over the last year, we have seen radical shifts in giving within our community. Sadly, major cuts in our expenses of $300,000 this year alone, were not enough to offset the reduction of income to support our ministry. Our Directors worked tirelessly this year, contributing $85,000. We did our best to offset the impact of certain community dynamics which we could not change. Serving the Homeless is a COMMUNITY responsibility requiring a unified commitment from Government, Businesses, Churches, Agencies, and Individuals. Our Board challenges these sectors to come together and make material commitments to create a sustainable operation to serve our Homeless and poor. We sadly did not see a unified and committed approach by all sectors and perhaps the community can learn from our situation. The Homeless population in York county is estimated to be 500 today with projections for this to increase the next ten years as there is very little affordable housing in our area.

What matters now is serving the homeless, and we urge you to continue support for them. Please consider future giving by supporting Bethel United Methodist Church, The Haven, Pathways and others who will carry forward and meet some of the needs which were being fulfilled by the ROC. Also please pray for our Homeless, our community, and that God will use our absence to inspire a better and sustainable model to do his work.

Lastly, the Board wants to thank Iris Smalls Hubbard, Director, and her staff of 6 for the depth of commitment and love in helping those less fortunate than ourselves. Iris is without a doubt one the most knowledgeable and skilled in South Carolina as it relates to helping to make a difference in Homeless lives. God blessed us with her leadership.

May God Bless you and give you his peace!!

C. John Hipp, ROC Chairman


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